Why Have I Been Contacted Regarding 
Finances That Have Been Lost?


As refund consultants, we take it upon ourselves to reach out, assist and work with people with lost money owing to them. We have reached out to you because we believe you may have lost funds owing to you. In most cases, people are unaware that these funds are laying in wait to be claimed so it’s often a nice surprise for people to find out that money could be owing to them without their knowledge.

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 Every day, people and businesses leave cash in financial institutions, insurance companies, and with government authorities. It’s human nature to forget and even the best kept records can even have gaps. As absurd as it sounds, it happens constantly. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Australians actually have money owing to them without their knowledge. Sometimes it can be as simple as​

If I Don’t Choose To Claim These Lost Monies What Happens Then?


That’s a simple answer; the funds will stay (in many cases) in a non – interest bearing account and in essence will remain unclaimed. Worst of all though, depending on what authority holds the funds, each is different, after a certain period the unclaimed fund will be absorbed into the endless pit of ‘consolidated Government Revenue’.  In other words … the Government gets its, and it’s GONE!!!!.

It Is Our Responsibility To Locate The Rightful Owners And

Re-Unite Them With Their

Lost Funds.

Types of Lost Money Waiting to be Reunited with it's Lost Owners

However, some areas we commonly deal with are unpresented cheques, dormant bank accounts, superannuation, company takeovers, rental and local council bonds, the list is endless.​


So How Is My Money Returned?


Our refund experts specialise in finding unclaimed funds for Australian Businesses and Citizens who have lost track of their accounts, relocated, or passed away. We assist in first verifying the identity of the rightful owner(s) and then assist you with your claim process by helping you with all documentation, preparation and with submitting the claim proposal.


Just like you would hire a solicitor to represent you in court, or a tax professional to assist you with your tax return. We work hard to jump through hoops so that you don’t have to, so that you can sit back, rest assured that the whole process has been taken care of and been dealt with right the first time.

We require at least 100 points of ID to first verify a claim to lost monies owing. We then prepare an authority to release before we get started.​



Our aim is to Reunite our clients with their lost funds while upholding our strict company ethics

Bank accounts

$651 million​


$435 million​

Life insurance

$84 million​​

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What Laws Do You Have To Abide By?

There are many laws in place that protect you as a consumer and your lost money. It is an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to give false or misleading information or documentation. This means that we are bound by law to ensure that we undertake correct procedures. It also means that we are bound by law to promptly refund your funds into your preferred bank account or by cheque.

How Do We Stay Up To Date?

We are trained through Create Australia, they serve as a third party validating our claim as a refund consulting agent. We are frequently updated with industry information which keeps our knowledge and training relevant so you can be sure you are putting your trust in the hands of up-to-date industry experts. ​ ​rust in up-to-date industry experts. ​

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This particular article discusses bank accounts alone, you can see you're probably not alone in having lost funds. A staggering $313,709,229 is currently sitting unclaimed by Australians.​

We liaise with the various holding authorities to ensure the full release of all monies outstanding. This process may require further information from you further down the track in order to ensure these funds are released quickly and successfully.​

Once the funds are released, we forward the refunded monies normally within 6 to 8 weeks of receiving all the correct claim documentation.

 When a person or company “forgets” about money in various accounts, the lost money is transferred to (in many cases) a non-interest bearing Government Trust Account. Of course, this is only done when the financial Institution or previous authority cannot locate the owner. What may interest you, is that if owners of this money do not step forward within a specific length of time, this money is then absorbed as government revenue and can be far more difficult to claim. In most cases this is the inevitable fate for lost funds unless the correct owner steps forward to claim their lost money.

What makes this process even more difficult, is that each state in Australia has separate laws relating to lost funds and various institutions responsible for lost monies unique to that state (with their own set of individual claiming rules and procedures). This alone can make this process very difficult as small mistakes can lead to a much more difficult return process later and may require months of assistance in order to complete the claim. Thus, it’s always better to make sure that your claim is done right the first time.

What Is Lost Money In Australia?​

"It was nice surprise to get this money which I did not know about. Thank you very much. Money catch service was professional and trustworthy."​

Jonas Scott

”Thanks to you, everything was easy and relatively quick, the money will help us in many ways and we will save every year from now on… I am now actively referring your services to my friends ! ”​

Carmen Adkins

"Thank you for finding my money, it was a good to learn that there was some money belonging to me I will be more careful in future, but good to know that you are there for us if it ever happened again."​​​

Juliane Thompson




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